Lastique International Corporation Joins the Vinyl Sustainability Council

We are pleased to announce that Lastique International Corporation has joined the Vinyl Sustainability Council. The council was created to further advance the efforts of the vinyl industry as it addresses sustainability and related advocacy, communication, and technical issues in North America. Members of the VSC work together to develop and implement best practices and innovation leading to continuous improvement throughout the industry, while promoting these achievements to key stakeholders. You can read more about the council here.

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Press Release: Louisville Based Supplier of Prime, Near-Prime, and Recycled Plastic Resins Launches New Website for Customers and Clients

lastique home pageLastique International Corporation, America’s leading supplier in plastic resins for over 30 years, is excited to announce a new website. The new website is an update from the original website launched in 2000 under the same URL. The company’s new website features a detailed history of the company and targeted pages about products and services. It also features multiple facets through which to contact Lastique International Corporation, and more.

What Does Lastique Do?

Lastique International Corporation specializes in supplying a wide variety of recycled and reprocessed plastic resins. These resins are offered in a variety of forms including: prime, generic-prime and wide-specification, custom-blended, reground, pulverized, recycled and reprocessed. The company’s expertise and their ability to purchase bulk materials, allows them to offer high-quality resin products at competitive pricing.

In addition to the new company website, Lastique also opened a modern 135,000 square foot facility. The facility, located off of Cane Run Road, is used for polymer reprocessing and testing. The new facility ensures that inventory, private brand, and customer specific blended resin processed by Lastique has a consistent quality. It is the same quality that has made Lastique a national leader in the polymer resin field.

The new website for Lastique International Corporation is responsive across all modern devices including smart phones and tablets. Now that web pages proportionally size to the device on which they are viewed, “Websites promote companies, people, and products 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It was a critical to update Lastique’s website because it wasn’t current, nor was it an adequate portrayal of our work community. Having been in business for more than 30 years, we wanted our website to be an accurate representation of how far we’ve come. We are in the digital age and it’s crucial that Lastique’s website enter that period along with the company, its employees, and its customers,” said Kristen Manouchehri, the Human Resource Director at Lastique, when asked “Why now?” in regards to the 2017 website launch.

To read the entire press release, click here.