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Press Release: Louisville Based Supplier of Prime, Near-Prime, and Recycled Plastic Resins Launches New Website for Customers and Clients

Lastique International Corporation, America’s leading supplier in plastic resins for over 30 years, is excited to announce a new website. The new website is an update from the original website launched in 2000 under the same URL. The company’s new website features a detailed history of the company and targeted pages about products and services. It […]

Numbers 1-7: What They Are and What They Mean On Plastic

If you’ve ever purchased a plastic bottle of water, a bottle of laundry detergent, or a gallon of milk in a plastic jug, then you’ve probably noticed the small number in the center of a recycling symbol on the bottom. These numbers, ranging between 1 and 7, are small, but they play an important role […]