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Lastique International Corporation, based in Louisville, Kentucky, supplies a wide variety of prime, generic-prime, wide-specification, custom-blended, reground, pulverized, recycled and reprocessed grades of plastic resins to the thermoplastics industry. Lastique’s polymer characterization expertise, extensive networking and large volume purchasing power combined to provide premium quality resins at attractive pricing.

Dedication to exceeding the expectations of our customers means that we can be an effective business partner. Lastique’s experienced and professional team is highly dependable for all resin needs.

Lastique’s new 180,000 square foot facilities features a rail siding, two custom-designed 200,000 lb. silos, polymer reprocessing and advanced molecular characterization testing to insure consistent quality of inventory resins, private brand resins and customers’ specified blend resins.

Lastique continues to explore the latest in polymer technology to offer customers the best quality for each individualized application at competitive prices.

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